Twelve Themes for Enhancing CSR Management

We have been working on our business operations under twelve themes established for being a company acknowledged by stakeholders.
We have established a sound corporate governance system and carry out management with a fundamental focus on compliance,while also considering the economy, society and the environment.
Furthermore, by engaging in themes such as the environment,quality/product safety, and employment/human resources and other social issues, we are striving to be a company that has the power to be selected by customers.
CSR Twelve Themes Policies
Contributing to social issues through business(SDGs) Looking to providing solutions to social issues, Tamron creates new value through its corporate activities to achieve economic growth, solve social issues and contribute to the realization of a fulfilling society.
Quality and product safety Tamron combines innovation with its technological capabilities to create excitement and peace of mind by providing high quality products that earn the trust of customers while considering safety and the environment.
Environment Tamron recognizes that global environmental issues are issued shared by humanity, endeavors to reduce the impact on and conserve the environment, and contributes to the development of a sustainable society in harmony with the environment.
Compliance Tamron is aware that it exists together with society. We place a priority on observing laws and regulations while respecting social rules, and carry out our corporate activities with a high sense of ethics.
Information disclosure To enhance corporate value, Tamron actively works to disclose corporate information effectively and fairly, and engages in constructive dialogue with the stakeholders associated with its business.
Occupational safety and health To develop a pleasant workplace environment that considers the health and safety of each employee, Tamron monitors the state of health of its employees, undertakes initiatives on the maintenance and management of health, and makes every effort to ensure employee safety.
Social contributions To create a society in which people can experience spiritual fulfillment, Tamron engages in activities contributing to the development of photography and film culture, and acting as a good corporate citizen, takes part in local community activities and contributes to their development.
Human resources/human rights Tamron makes every effort to provide employees with opportunities to develop and demonstrate their abilities in ways that respect their diversity, character and individuality. We embrace a global perspective, value teamwork and endeavor to cultivate human resources who harness creativity.
Information management Tamron establishes protections from threats such as information asset incidents and crimes, and lives up to the trust placed in it by customers and society.
CSR procurement Tamron engages in sound trade practices, and works with its business partners to promote procurement activities that consider social responsibility including human rights, labor standards and the environment.
Risk (crisis management) Tamron prepares against risks that could threaten civic life or corporate activities, and does the utmost to prevent such risks from occurring. Should any such crisis occur, we will make every effort to minimize damage and loss, effect a swift recovery, prevent recurrences and fulfill our social responsibility.
Corporate governance Top management works to build up sustainable corporate value by establishing governance to engage in fair, transparent and swift decision making in response to a changing business environment.

Action Declarations

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Management system for CSR ( SDGs )

Tamron holds CSR Committee to make decisions on important matters regarding CSR management and to confirm the progress of goals. The management department of the 12 CSR themes reports the progress of the target once a quarter, and reports it whenever there is a major environmental change or important matter need to be decided. With Tamron’s president serving as committee chair, CSR Committee holds teleconferences with officers and the managers of divisions in head office and plants in Japan and overseas to consider various matters.