Approach to Information management

The CSR theme " Information management" is based on the following policy.
"Tamron establishes protections from threats such as information asset incidents and crimes, and lives up to the trust placed in it by customers and society."
We protect the information assets of our company and our customers from threats such as accidents, disasters, crimes, etc., and properly manage corporate confidentiality and personal information in order to earn the trust of society.

Related SDGs

  1. 9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Management of Information management

Important matters and targets determined by the CSR Committee are managed by each CSR administrative division. As the CSR theme "Information management", we have established marked below system as a management system necessary for maintaining and improving information security.

Information Security Policy

Action items and important indicators

FY2019 Target Results Measure
Information leakage: 0 Information leakage: 0 ducation for information technology promotion committee members at each site (participants:36 at Omiya, 16 at Aomori)
Education for managers (45 participants)
Network infections and infections on customer PCs: 0 Network infections and infections on customer PCs: 0 Company-wide pseudo email training
(2 times, 1,786 participants in total)