Environmental compliance

We comply with relevant laws and regulations and properly manage our environmental impact.
By taking appropriate measures in 2019, there were no legal violations.

[Compliance at Respective Sites]

: Compliance
: Compliance, but exceeded statutory internal requirement temporarily
: Request for improvement made by local government
: Administrative action as a result of violation of law/regulation

  Head office Aomori Foshan Vietnam
Energy saving
(Energy Saving Act)
CO2 reduction
(Act on Promotion of
Global Warming Countermeasures)
Chemical substance management1 (*2) (*3)
Water quality (*4)
Occupational health & safety

*1. Laws related to managing and investigating chemical substances apply to domestic sites; international directives including RoHS and REACH apply to the entire group.
*2. After conducting an in-house analysis of prototype parts, phthalate ester DEHP (RoHS Directive substance) exceeding the control standard was detected, so we changed the material to comply with the RoHS Directive.
*3. Some chemical substances have ambiguous management, and we reviewed the management method and thoroughly disseminated it.
*4. Values for groundwater temporarily exceeded certain standards, but our treatment measures prevented contamination from spreading outside our facilities.