Active Employees(Work-Life Balance)

Tamron employs a diverse workforce at its domestic and overseas business sites in order to deliver products and service that satisfy its customers around the world. We are committed to providing workplaces that are motivating based on fair assessments and compensation and mutual understanding, with the ultimate goal of being a rewarding place to work so that our people can thrive professionally and support the growth of the company.

"Tamron Kids Day-Care Center" and

Tamron pursues a number of initiatives aimed at promoting harmony between work and home life.
Day-care times cover an extra hour on each side of working times, with extensions also available. Day-care for sick children is also supported. Due to the opening of the in-house day-care center, the number of employees awaiting vacancies at local day-care centers has decreased, allowing employees to return from childcare leave earlier. One hundred percent of female Tamron employees in Japan who have had a child have made use of leave before and after childbirth and the parental leave systems and subsequently returned to work. Employees can make use of the reduced working hours scheme until up to the end of April when their child is in the fourth year of elementary school.
Japan requires companies to maintain a 2.2% hiring ratio for people with disabilities, and in FY2019 Tamron again exceeded this ratio at 2.5%.Through these initiatives, Tamron has met the standards set forth in the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-generation Children, and had also been awarded the “Kurumin Mark,” which is given to companies that promote a childcare-friendly workplace. Tamron has also been certified as a "Platinum +" company practicing diverse work styles as part of the Saitama Womenomics Project being promoted in Saitama Prefecture, where our head office is located.

Improving productivity

Tamron has implemented twice-weekly no-overtime days. By leaving work early, we expect employees to enjoy the company of their families as a source of vitality for the next day, and to make use of the extra time for personal skill improvement.
Tamron conducts operations with an awareness of productivity. In the Productivity Improvement Project, we reviewed the way working hours are used with the aim of improving the speed and quality of the work performed. Additionally, based on the policy that "work an hour less and achieve even more than before: therein lies progress in how people work," for 2020 we have set the goal of reducing company-wide overtime by 10% compared with the previous year. Each week we utilize RPA to send automated emails to all employees who use PCs to inform them of their overtime hours for the same month in the previous year and their cumulative overtime hours in the current month. This is designed to raise their awareness of their own working hours and productivity.

Health and Productivity Management

Tamron promotes health and productivity management based on its policy of "To develop a pleasant workplace environment that considers the health and safety of each employee, Tamron monitors the state of health of its employees, undertakes initiatives on the maintenance and management of health, and makes every effort to ensure employee safety." By striving to develop a workplace in which employees can engage in fulfilling work in good physical and mental health, we believe employees will be able to demonstrate their full potential and allow Tamron to deliver products and services that provide society with excitement and security.
In terms of initiatives to promote mental and physical health, we commission outside contractors to conduct mental health diagnoses for all permanent and non-permanent employees twice a year. Employees undergoing the diagnoses include those dispatched overseas. Additionally, for each age group, job type and division, we identify issues in terms of management, workplace unity and job satisfaction, brief the Management Meeting based on a report compiled each time, and endeavor to make improvements.
In recognition of these efforts, in February 2020 Tamron was certified under the 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (Major Corporation Category) for the first time. Moving forward, we will continue to promote health and productivity management to advance the health of all employees, who represent the driving force behind the growth of Tamron.