Statements of Income

(unit: millions of yen)
Net sales48,37557,539
Cost of sales30,00434,332
Gross profit18,37023,207
Selling, general and administrative expenses
Advertising expenses466538
Promotion expenses398492
Provision of allowance for doubtful accounts-58
Salaries and bonuses3,9714,277
Retirement benefit expenses141121
Share-based payment expenses92113
Technical research expenses4,6875,028
Amortization of goodwill220-
Total selling, general and administrative expenses14,79415,798
Operating profit3,5757,408
Non-operating income
Interest income3526
Dividend income4848
Rental income1414
Subsidy income300110
Subsidies for employment adjustment246-
Total non-operating income836401
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses3318
Foreign exchange losses36592
Loss on retirement of non-current assets23067
Total non-operating expenses662278
Ordinary profit3,7507,531
Extraordinary losses
Impairment losses19112
Extra retirement payments844-
Total extraordinary losses864112
Profit before income taxes2,8857,418
Income taxes - current9082,196
Income taxes - deferred1849
Total income taxes9272,245
Profit attributable to owners of parent1,9585,173