Statements of Income

(unit : million yen)
Net sales60,49661,815
Cost of sales39,89939,910
Gross Profit20,59621,905
Selling, general and administrative expenses
Advertising expenses983896
Promotion expenses753721
Provision of allowance for doubtful accounts-54
Salaries and bonuses4,4504,251
Retirement benefit expenses131126
Share-based compensation expenses-83
Technical research expenses4,0384,361
Total selling, general and administrative expenses16,35016,481
Operating income4,2465,424
Non-operating income
Interest income5879
Dividend income4566
Foreign exchange gains-184
Rent income1412
Subsidy income6467
Total non-operating income332584
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses4244
Foreign exchange losses357-
Loss on retirement of non-current assets3634
Loss on abandonment of inventories1820
Total non-operating expenses478131
Ordinary income4,1005,877
Extraordinary income
Gain on sales of investment securities-85
Surrender value of insurance122-
Total extraordinary income12285
Profit before income taxes4,2225,963
Income taxes–current1,2761,382
Income taxes–deferred107250
Total income taxes1,3831,633
Profit attributable to owners of parent2,8384,330