Statements of Income

(unit millions of yen)
Net sales61,81563,285
Cost of sales39,91039,056
Gross profit21,90524,229
Selling, general and administrative expenses
Advertising expenses896764
Promotion expenses721594
Provision of allowance for doubtful accounts443
Salaries and bonuses4,2514,340
Retirement benefit expenses126147
Share-based compensation expenses83112
Technical research expenses4,3615,248
Total selling, general and administrative expenses16,48117,246
Operating profit5,4246,982
Non-operating income
Interest income7992
Dividend income6660
Foreign exchange gains184-
Rent income1212
Subsidy income67219
Total non-operating income584621
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses4444
Foreign exchange losses-12
Loss on retirement of non-current assets3453
Loss on abandonment of inventories2015
Total non-operating expenses131201
Ordinary profit5,8777,403
Extraordinary income
Gain on sales of investment securities85-
Total extraordinary income85-
Profit before income taxes5,9637,403
Income taxes - current1,3821,815
Income taxes - deferred250257
Total income taxes1,6332,072
Profit attributable to owners of parent4,3305,330