IR Policy

  1. 1. Information Disclosure Policy

    To provide timely and appropriate company information to shareholders and investors, Tamron engages in disclosure in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, related laws and regulations, and based on the timely disclosure rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We also proactively disclose other information deemed to have an effect on the investment decisions made by shareholders and investors.

  2. 2. Means of Information Disclosure

    Timely disclosures are made through the “TDnet” timely disclosure information transmission system operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and are also posted to the company website promptly thereafter. We also widely disclose information that does not fall under timely disclosure rules through posts to the company website and elsewhere.

  3. 3. Handling of Insider Information

    Tamron appropriately manages important information and has established internal regulations to prevent insider trading. We disseminate requirements among all Group employees and endeavor to promote understanding and awareness of the rules. In addition, company directors in their capacity as information managers and the Corporate Business Planning & Administration Board in its capacity as the department responsible for disclosure ascertain and manage information concerning important matters, and develop systems for timely disclosure.

  4. 4. Quiet Period

    To prevent the leaking of the company’s financial results (including quarterly results) and ensure fairness, a quiet period is established from the day following the close of a fiscal term to the day on which the financial results are announced. During this period, Tamron shall refrain from responding to questions or commenting on the company’s financial results or financial outlook. However, if an expectation that results will differ materially from earnings estimates emerges during this quiet period, an appropriate announcement will be made in accordance with the disclosure rules.