Toward the realization of a resource recycling society

In order to create a sustainable society without depleting limited resources, we need to create a "circulation-based society" in which we produce with few resources and energy , reduce waste, and reuse resources. It is possible.
Tamron works on 3R which are reduction of raw materials and waste (Reduce), to reuse materials and water can be used repeatedly(Reuse), and recycling waste as material (Recycle), for circulating resources efficiently.

Realization of plastic recycling

In particular, we have been focusing on reducing the amount of plastic waste generated, which amounted to over 150 tons per year. In order to reduce the amount of waste deriving from manufacturing processes, the rear caps for Tamron’s DSLR camera lenses are made using 100% recycled plastic runner materials.3 From FY2010 to FY2019, we used a cumulative total of 171 tons of recycled material(in 6.75 million rear caps).
Tamron has also considered new recycling methods at Integrated Design, Production Technology and Production Sub-committee meetings to further promote recycling. As a means of reducing waste while maintaining quality standards and ensuring that product functionality is not affected, Tamron adopted "Preconsumer Closed Recycling, which involves mixing recycled materials with virgin materials. Since FY2017, Tamron started to utilize these recycled materials for the mass production of the filter screw rings, a component of interchangeable lens for SLR cameras. Tamron will continue to expand the introduction of recycled materials in components, examine new areas to target and promote waste reducing and recycling.

(*1) Waste material that occurs when pouring plastic resin during the production process.

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