Basic Policy

We at Tamron have constantly pursued fair and transparent management practices under our management philosophy as well as by respecting the rights and equality of our shareholders and working diligently to maintain a sound relationship with all stakeholders.

Tamron appoints 15 Directors, of which 2 are Independent Directors, and 4 Corporate Auditors, of which 3 are Independent Corporate Auditors.

Corporate Governance System Overview

  1. 1. Board of Directors

    Meetings of the Board of Directors are held twice a month, in principle, attended by all Directors and Corporate Auditors, for reviewing the execution of duties by the Directors and deciding on important issues as set forth in the basic policy of the company and related laws and regulations.

  2. 2. Audit & Supervisory Board

    The Audit & Supervisory Board audits the processes of decision making by the Board of Directors and the execution of duties of Directors by attending the Board of Director meetings and checking approval documents. The Audit & Supervisory Board meets monthly, in principle.

  3. 3. Executive Officer System

    Tamron has employed the Executive Officer System to ensure separation between management and the execution of operations. Executive Officers carry out their duties and responsibilities following the basic policy determined by the Board of Directors.

  4. 4. Internal Control through Committee Meetings

    We regularly hold monthly management (MAC) meetings attended by all Directors, full-time Corporate Auditors and Executive Officers to discuss management issues and respond to the fast-changing management environment.

  5. Corporate Governance Structure