CSR Policy

"We contribute to economy, society, and environment by supplying customers with eyes for industry."

CSR Concept

  1. 1. CSR activities by developing our business

    At Tamron, we believe that CSR can be defined as working to serve as a good corporate citizen through lenses. CSR is an essential element for Tamron to enjoy sustainable growth.

    We hope that more people enjoy our products anytime, anywhere.

  2. 2. CSR activities from global perspective

    Our business ranges from Asian countries including China where our factory locates to Western countries. Therefore Tamron joined the Global Compact in August 2007, as the fundamental idea of CSR.

    The Global Compact is a framework with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, THE GLOBAL COMPACTlobour, the environment and anti-corruption.

    We are faithful to ten principles of the Global Compact, and conduct our business, with responsibility.

    Please see the United Nations homepage for details.

United Nations Global Compact

Global Compact Network Japan

CSR Reports

We have issued the CSR Report for the purpose of disclosing environmental activities to stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders / investors, suppliers / business partners, community / society, public authorities and NGOs / NPOs.

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